We use some of the industry’s highest quality metrology instruments.

RPC Photonics uses a wide variety of metrology equipment to ensure the highest quality products demanded by our customers. This equipment enables us to characterize our products through each phase of production. We use some of the industry’s highest quality metrology instruments including:

Zygo NewView 5000 Surface Profilometer
This instrument uses a scanning white-light interferometer to provide sub-nanometer depth resolution with a lateral resolution ranging from 0.5 to 10 microns, depending on objective.


Zygo MicroLUPI Advanced Micro-Optics Metrology System
The MicroLUPI is an automated phase-shifting interferometer system for profiling microlens surfaces ranging in radius from 50 microns to 3 mm


This is a custom-built, state-of-the-art, instrument for measuring the intensity distribution from any surface in either transmission or reflection. The system uses phase lock detection to record intensity variations over ten orders of magnitude across a full 360 degree angular range with micro-radian resolution. Full hemisphere scans are also possible. A variety of illumination sources is available from white light to single wavelengths ranging from 457nm to 1064nm.



RPC Photonics also has a variety of microscopes and stylus profilometers available.