RPC technology

Ever since RPC Photonics was founded back in 1989, it has been at the forefront of technological innovation and implementation. From the early days when RPC helped make diffractive optics a commercial reality to today when we are supplying large-volume micro-optical applications, we continue to push the limits of technology with a world-class product development team.

A main focus at RPC Photonics is the development and continuous improvement of mastering techniques to produce high-precision surface structures that enable efficient light management. We are now in the fifth generation of laserwriting mastering processes that produce a surface pattern in photoresist and can be later used for replication into a polymer, metal, or transfer into hard substrate.

In addition to the mastering we have developed a whole set of support processes from thick, uniform resist processing to deep reactive-ion etching that enables the creation of general surface patterns in a variety of substrates.