Price is per linear ft.

Scatter Properties

  • Model: EDF-L1
  • Shape: Line
  • Angle full-width 50%: 56º
  • Intensity ratio edge-to-center: 2:1
  • Diffuser feature size: ≤ 80μm
  • Operating wavelength: Achromatic

Lead Time: 1 week

Orders over 50ft receive a 50% discount. For orders over 100ft please call (585) 272-2840 for an estimate.



  1. Divergence angle measured with collimated laser, 633nm. Actual angles may vary depending on wavelength or degrees of collimation.
  2. Increasing beam size typically improves uniformity.
  3. When used with coherent sources the diffuser produces speckle.
  4. Handling and cleaning: Avoid touching diffuser surface. To clean just blow dry compressed air.
  5. Temperature range and damage threshold reflect manufacturer’s recommendations and specific testing conditions and are for informational purposes only. Your specific operating conditions may be distinct depending on other system and environmental variables.
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