LED Lighting

led lighting

There is an ongoing revolution in illumination driven by the need for cheaper, more durable, environmentally friendly sources. Solid-state sources such LED’s are at the helm of this transformation. To benefit from the efficiency of LED lighting sources, optical collimators, diffusers, and other components are required to direct and shape the light. RPC Photonics’ refractive diffuser technology addresses the issue of distributing the often non-uniform output of LED’s to produce uniform, homogeneous illumination. In addition, our diffusers enable light distribution in a controlled fashion in space, leading to highly efficient light use.

Here are some areas of LED illumination where our diffusers are being used:

  • General lighting – Light fixtures for homes, office, street lighting, etc.
  • Architectural illumination – Custom light distributions to produce pleasing aesthetic effects.
  • Automotive lighting – Both internal and external lighting applications. Our shaped light distributions are ideal for exterior applications where angularly specified illumination patterns are mandated by standards.