Vortex Phase Plates

Vortex phase plates

There has been intense work into the properties and applications of vortex or spiral phase plates. Here are some of the uses of vortex patterns:
  • Particle trapping and manipulation
  • Beam shaping
  • Optical tweezers
  • Communications and cryptography
  • Astronomy
Our vortex phase plates are produced by lithographic techniques and can generate arbitrary vortex patterns as continuous phase-relief surfaces. The general phase function f for a vortex pattern obeys the following relation

f(Θ) = exp(imΘ),

where m denotes the charge number and Θ is the polar angle.

Below is a comparison between the theoretical surface relief and a measurement for a charge-1 vortex.

We currently offer a vortex sampler (polymer replica on glass substrate) pattern for m = 1 and m = 2 with the following geometry:


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