Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays are utilized in a wide variety of applications such as displays, micro-machining, and sensors, just to name a few.

RPC Photonics can produce microlens products as polymer replicas on glass or injection-molded components. We can also produce microlens products or masters in fused silica, calcium fluoride, IR materials, or nickel.

The capability to manufacture deep analog structures enables production of microlens arrays with arbitrary lens profiles and array symmetries, such as:
  • Refractive or diffractive
  • Aspheric profiles
  • Anamorphic profiles
  • Square, rectangular, hexagonal, random distributions
  • 100% or custom fill factor
  • Custom numerical aperture

We use commercial and proprietary optical design and modeling software to find the best design solution for your microlens array application, including
  • Displays
  • Illumination systems
  • Solid-state lighting
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Medical systems
  • Beam shaping
  • Beam homogenizers
  • Laser micro-machining
  • Detector arrays
  • Laser-diode arrays
  • Spatial light modulators
  • Wavefront sensors
  • Optical interconnections
  • Optical computing
  • Image processing
  • Imaging systems
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Other


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